I am a Master Nutrition Therapist Candidate. I am currently attending Nutritional Therapy Institute. I will receive my Certified Nutrition Therapy Practitioner certification in winter and will continue on for my Master Nutrition Therapist certification. My studies are very well rounded but I am focusing on diabetes, insulin resistance, and overall family health. Coming from a family history of diabetes, I see how proper education can go a long way to controlling it and how educating a family on proper nutrition can change a family history.

From an early age, nutrition or what I thought it was, has been a struggle for me.  I saw two older sisters stay incredibly thin no matter what they consumed, while I gained weight easily. This caused a lot of stress for me and eventually I developed eating disorders. I stopped eating and worked out compulsively, becoming anorexic for 6 years. It wasn’t until I went to a sports nutritionist seminar did I realize what I was doing to my body, and another year of fighting mental demons before I was able to eat in a comfortable fashion. All through this ordeal, during my teen years and into young adulthood, I wished I knew of a way to eat healthily and not gain weight, not realizing there was a path to good health the whole time.

Even in my adult years, I struggled with self-image and proper nutrition. I would read and read what I thought was reputable information on how to eat healthy, only to find out their theories were just quick fixes without any true medical or scientific backing. Running and exercise became my escapes and I was always in a perpetual state of training for the latest half or full marathon, believing that was the only way for me to be “healthy”. I would cook what I believed to be healthy and could not understand why I was still gaining weight, feeling depressed and starting to have extreme stomach problems. Breaking down, I went to my doctor for help. I have found I am fortunate enough to have an amazing practitioner who believes in healing the body with nutrition first. She turned me onto a cleanse/detox program and recommended that I find out what foods I’m sensitive to. That day she changed my world. Within days of beginning the cleanse my stomach issues went away, and my feelings of depression, anxiety, mental fog and general body discomforts went away as well. Many of these issues I never knew I was experiencing every day. Finally the path of good health was set in front of me. Fortunately I recognized it and took off running with it.

The dream of studying holistic nutrition has been a goal of mine since I was quite young, still dealing with my eating disorder, but at that time it was purely selfish. At that time I wanted to study to fix myself. Now, after experiencing the changes I have gone through, I wish everyone to feel this good and this healthy. I want others to know that good health and proper nutrition is something everyone can have.